Online Course:


Spatio-Temporal Models in Ecology:  an Introduction to Integro-Difference Equations

by Professor James Powell, Utah State University, Spring 2001

Integrodifference equations in spatial ecology by Professor Frithjof Lutscher, Winter 2018

Lecture 1: Introduction (video January 8) (pdf)

Lecture 2: Critical patch size I (video January 10) (pdf)

Lecture 3: Critical patch size II (video January 15) (pdf)

Lecture 4: Positive steady states I (video January 17) (pdf)

Lecture 5: Positive steady states II (video January 22) (pdf)

Lecture 6: Spread without Allee effect I (video January 24) (pdf)

Lecture 7: Spread without Allee effect II (video January 29) (pdf)

Lecture 8: Spread with Allee effect (video January 31) (pdf)

Lecture 8/9: Spread with Allee / Modelling Dispersal (video February 5)

Lecture 9: Modelling Dispersal (video February 7) (pdf)

Lecture 10: Dispersal Success Approximation (video February 26) (pdf)

Lecture 11: Speed Approximation (video February 28) (pdf)

Lecture 12: The Shape of Spatial Spread (video March 12) (pdf)

Lecture 13: Dispersal patterns (video March 14) (pdf)

Lecture 13/14: Interacting populations I (video March 19) (pdf)

Lecture 14/15: Interacting populations II (video March 21) (pdf)

Lecture 15/16: Interacting populations III (video March 26) (pdf)

Lecture 17: Spatial Heterogeneity I (video March 28) (pdf)

Lecture 18: Spatial Heterogeneity II (video April 4) (pdf)

Lecture 19: Application to Forest Insects (video April 9) (pdf)