Mark A. Gilbert: Simulate Integrodifference equations using an adaptive-mesh algorithm

AdaptiveIDE Version1
Code to simulate Integrodifference equations on large spatial scales, using an adaptive-mesh algorithm.
For a description and application, please see: Gilbert et al. (2017) Speeding up the simulation of population spread models.
(doi: 10.1111/2041-210X.12684).

Melanie Harsch: Moving-habitat simulation models using integrodifference equation

These are a collection of R-shiny apps for solving integrodifference equations where habitat moves in response to climate change.

Amy Hurford: Integrodifference equation solutions in R

This is the equivalent R code for malthus.m provided on Jim Powell’s website.
This R code solves an integrodifference equation with 1 spatial dimension using the discrete fourier transform.

This is R code that solves a discretized version of an SIS model and assumes Gaussian dispersal for susceptible and infected hosts. The coupled IDEs are solved using discrete fast fourier transforms (ffts). I tried to write the code so that it would be easy to edit if you would like to simulate a different type of population dynamic.

Frithjof Lutscher: Basic IDE simulation code in Matlab

A zip file containing a short introduction and four different implementations of the basic integrodifference equation. Details are in Chapter 8 of the forthcoming book.

James Powell: Spatio-temporal models in ecology

Introductory course material and Matlab code for integrodifference equations.

Christelle Robinet: Tutorial on generic spread models and case studies in R

Extensive documentation of “ProgSpreadModule.R” as used in Robinet et al. (2012) A suite of models to support the quantitative assessment of spread in pest risk analysis. (